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Added some long lost early Amiga games to Youtube today

I thought I would add some games I couldn't find on Youtube, these were damned early in the life of Amiga so I thought would be nice to get them up on there...even if one of them is terrible!

Arena Long Jump (couldn't get High Jump or Pole vault to work btw) and no sound because it was done with a separate capture program. Not that you miss anything other than a puny crowd cheer sample.

[ Show youtube player ]

Also Skyfox Tank Training 1 played at 1FPS....bullet-time shmullit time pfffft...not a bad game though. Couldn't lose the sound on that so had no choice but to use winUAE for the cap.

[ Show youtube player ]

The Pawn, Magnetic Scrolls....playing the game itself (still processing)

[ Show youtube player ]

And because there was music on the Amiga specific version and of course the loading screen did a small placeholder cap of that too (will do it properly later, as it takes a minute to cap 1 second of UAE output and lags my machine to hell so will do it on some downtime whilst watching some movies sorry)

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