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Appreciate the feedback. Thank you.

I have an external dual CF card that plugs into the expansion port but was thinking it would interfere with the built-in IDE that is found on most of these accelerators.

I bought some PCB for the relocation boards so I can have it ready if necessary.

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Make sure that whatever you get,since most of them are designed for particular clearances in an A500 case, clears the floppy drive, the sides of the case, and, if you have an NTSC model, the big daughter board. With some accelerators you can get them to fit with CPU relocators.

Most of the CSA ones fit well and are quite fast. They don't have a built in IDE though. This is easy to address, for these and others without IDE on board, with the IDE interface that installs in the CPU socket, between it and the accelerator. They are quite cheap.

I know that you specified internal, but there were several external ones produced for the A1000. They plug into the expansion slot on the right side and designed to match the look of the 1000. They, along with the CSA ones, come up on eBay pretty often. Some are priced reasonably or accept offers.

Good luck with the hunt!
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