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Originally Posted by hexaae View Post
text.datatype 45.14 (and all previous 44-45, except original 40.3) is buggy and won't properly display Underlined text ...
No, only 44.5 (by Sebastian Bauer) and 45.x are buggy, 40.3, 44.10 (OS 3.5 BB1) and 44.20 (OS 3.5 BB2) have still correct underlined text, but no marking or searching support. The changelog says that starting with 45.1 the text.datatype has been rewritten completely. In 40.3, 44.10 and 44.20 there are still some subroutines handling the "Esc[*m" sequences, but nothing like that in v45 anymore as far as I can see. Underlined text uses "Esc[4m". I can always make the underlining visible by moving a window over the text and back again, but then it doesn't stop the underling where it should end.

If you think that my CopyFix is working correctly, you can upload it to Aminet. I did only increase the size of these 2 buffers and updated the revision and date. The code is exactly the same as before.
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