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I cannot reveal any information due to NDA, which has not been already released by AmigaOS developers. So trust me when I say, the RAD issue you mentioned is not relevant right now.

Also keep in mind that AmigaOS 3.1.4 is an update and minor fix to 3.1, not 3.9. (so text.datatype 45.x is not part of it). I could personally argue about that the word "minor" seems a little bit unrealistic, as so many things have been fixed as it stands right now. I think of it as a 3.1 on steroids. But I digress.

PS: I suppose so. But he is really busy right now, that I wouldnt count on him reading any message.


To everyone else:

Please try to reproduce the c:copy bug hexaee mentions, so that we can discard false reports due to other hardware and/or software issues.

I am far away from home right now, and cant do any tests for a while.

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