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please, report also request for RAD: ramdrive.device limited to 30 chars filenames (unacceptable in 2018), and text.datatype 45.17 issue with ESC formatting controls and Underlined text which is a (minor) bug as well.

As written in msg #5:

Please, try these exact steps:
(PFS3 or SFS partitions for long file names, WB3.9 BB2)
  • open a shell (I use KingCON, but I tried also with normal CON)
  • create a jpg or txt with a very long file name in your DH1
  • then "copy Work:t/239475-brian-the-lion-starring-in-rumble-in-the-jungle-amiga-front-cover78981234.jpg ram:" 2-3 times (n.d.Hexaae: please, use this exact file name, the bug seems characters specific with the digits at the end of filename!)
  • then open RAM:, refresh contents, and double-click on "239475-brian-the-lion-starring-in-rumble-in-the-jungle-amiga-front-cover78981234.jpg" to open it…
I usually have a Sanity memory check error involving exec.library, or Memory header not located error caused by "CON" task, but only after using old Copy v40.1 with file names longer than 83 chars (including extension). Under 84 chars works fine and there is no mem corruption.

Is user 'thor' on EAB Thomas Richter?

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