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ClassicWB 68K for A600 with 3.1 ROMS

A few people seem to upgrade their A600's to 3.1 ROMS for better hard drive support and have requested a version of the ClassicWB that works on their machine.

The LITE is 020 only, but now there is a beta available of a LITE version that is for 68000 CPU's. Please pm me for the link if you're interested - it will require the usual Workbench disks for activation and WHDLoad ROMS for games as described by the instructions on the main site and in this official forum.

There will never be 68000 versions of the FULL and above as they use Scalos which requires an 020. This is the only Workbench 3 pack I intend to create for 3.x ROM users and this CPU.

For standard A500/A600's with 2.x ROMS, there is the ClassicWB GAAE:

Ok enough plugging. I'm "owta" here!

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