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Amiga 500 Kickstart 1.2 - value?

hi everyone

I realize I've not posted much here (if at all) and that I may seem a "newcomer" to the Amiga scene, but asides from that I've been an avid Amiga user since back in 1990-something

the point of this thread, however would be this:

I recently (yesterday) purchased an Amiga 500, due to the two other A500's I've got having faulty disk-drives (one is "completely broken" and the other is "misaligned" I think) - hence I figured that I'd buy another A500 if nothing else just to take the disk-drive from it

when I went to the shop (local retro-store) I was presented with an Amiga 500 which looked and felt very... "new" or (at the very least) recently refurbished

I looked at it closer and noticed a switch on the rear-side (modded into the A500), not recalling having seen one earlier, I figured it'd be a Kickstart (ROM) switch

the other thing I noticed which occurred very odd to me, was the fact that the left [A]miga key (the one in italic on regular A500's) was a C= logo (Commodore logo)

I thought nothing more of it; but was just glad that I had an A500 which (I hoped) was working and hopeful that I had indeed a Kickstart-switch (was hoping to run KS2.0/2.1 or similar)

setting it up at home and turning it on, I noticed that both the Power LED and df0: LED lit up brightly and there was but a black-screen

the odd thing was that the Power LED was bright red - hence I was a bit surprised

somewhat disappointed that nothing worked, I went on to opening it and removing the df0: and keyboard to hook up with one of my other A500's, whereas I noticed that the Motherboard on this particular model looked... quite different from the other two A500's I had

connecting all the components needed to another A500 - I got everything up and running, so I figured I'd look up some more info on the model I had purchased

it turns out that this particular model was a 1987 A500 model (supposedly the first batch of A500's) and that it was considered rare

hence I put all the parts back together on the original (purchased) A500 and realized that whoever had installed the expansion-card (which I though was a KS-switcher) had put the Keyboard-connector backwards, hence it was unable to start

having fixed this (and also the df0; had been put in backwards) and booting the A500 up; I realized that it was Kickstart 1.2 - this was the "final nail in the coffin", making me realize that this was indeed an early model A500, hence the "old" Kickstart, as well

the chip with the switch proved to be a RAM-expansion (512kb) with a switch to be able of turning it off in order to get old(er) games working, which were in conflict with said expansion

now then, this A500 is in very good condition and fully functional, so my question is;

is it worth "stashing aside" for any particular (monetary) value, or can I use it as intended - i.e. playing on it?

also, some claim that Kickstart 1.2 is more compatible than Kickstart 1.3 (backwards, that is) and that it can also run all Kickstart 1.3 games

is this true, or a mere rumor?`

I have no wish to play the latest AGA games, etc. - but much more interested in the actual Amiga 500 games available out there, if nothing else I've got a CD32 if I want to look at pretty colors

I can post pictures of the A500 (KS1.2) if necessary, should you want to see the condition it's in

now I don't personally think that this thing is worth more than I paid for it (about 45€), but still to ease my curiosity, it'd be fun to know

(sorry about long post, I fail at keeping things short)

and I hope that this is indeed the correct forum to post such a question in - if not you'll have to forgive me and move my post to the correct section

thanks in advance

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