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If listening to mp3, trying linux or running better browsers than AWeb and iBrowse is what you want from an limited Amiga (ECS with 16 colors, No Zorro support, no extra expansion), as the A600 is... then you should better head to A1200 with an 060 or BPPC in Tower with PCI or Zorro busboard and buffed with cards or to an A4000 with 060 or CSPPC buffed again!
You can't expect to have everything from a machine that was designed most of all as a gaming machine. Ofc it can do other stuff as well... but don't ask too much! ACA630 was a dream come true for most peepz in the community. Just try to be glad about it instead of asking for miracles

Apart from that, comparing CD32 with A600 is like comparing apples with oranges!
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