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Originally Posted by leathered View Post
A solid effort! I'm sure you will improve it with some ingenuity! Runs fine on B1230/50. I wonder if there are some opcodes used by BLITZ2 that just don't sit well with 060's, a real shame, but it sounds like Amiblitz could have that covered at least.
This is programmed in Amiblitz 3 so it's a shame that it doesn't like 060s! Maybe I can be an anti-Novacoder and only make games that don't runon 060s...

Thanks for all the comments guys - will take them on board and spend a little more time making this a bit more challenging. I really like the idea of a smartphone frame so long as it looks ok in limited colours.

More to follow soon and then I might convert one of my other games to create something a little more original.

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