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Originally Posted by croupier View Post
Well...there is a way (in case of 'USB only' floppy, no CD)....but needs some work...

I've managed to install Amithlon on my Toshiba NB100 (USB only)....

Making a bootable Amithlon USB is the easy part....the issue is to 'include' the USB software for the Amiga side (Poseidon and ArakAttak) in the bigird.gz when you boot Amithlon from USB you can already install the USB drivers for the that you can access USB ports (and external floppy/CD drives) also from the Amiga OS....

It involves using insert the extra programs in the bigird.gz....I've done a small guideline how to do was also published in this Thread....check my post on 01 May 2016....
This is an excellent solution and while it does take some effort it can be very useful. I haven't had time to work through this yet, my attempts at following the guide resulted in failed booting. A lot seems to be very memory/ramdisk/hd_image size specific and getting those values correctly configured in your init string.
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