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It's going to be a bit more effort since you don't have an active cd drive. Two problems...first is no CD drive to boot and run the installer, second is booting off USB (bios allowing this) but no USB support in Amithlon without installing USB support, so the USB boot drive disappears and all you have is the ramdisk boot hd embedded in bigird.gz.

If you have means to move the HD to another PC running WinUAE or something so that you can mount the HD, copy the Amithlon CD to a folder on it. Then move it back to Amithlon, boot how you have been and then assign "AmigaOS XL" to the folder you copied the Amithlon CD to on your HD. I believe the installer looks for that mounted volume so should still see it as an assign.

It is very inconvenient to install Amithlon without a functioning CD drive.
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