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New version uploaded, nothing really fixed yet other than normal G3 version. And it's 1.8 now.
Test goes as follows:
Start Secret of Monkey Island VGA windowed.
Workbench set to 16-bit mode, after Lucasarts splash screen color gradient of sky looks like it's got about 8 shades.
Switch to fullscreen, looks the same.

Start windowed SOMI VGA with Workbench in 32-bit BGRA mode, color gradient is uniform, lets say about 32 shades, lets say this is correct. Switch to Fullscreen mode, looks correct.
However if you start in fullscreen mode then launch it, again looks like it's got about 8 shades.

Well I "fixed" the 16-bit color mode. Seems faster as well. It IS a bug in our SDL or is at least caused by it and I think it exists in my other ports as well, thankfully no one played them or didn't notice.

Also, I'm 37% sure I can fix the 32-bit color mode as well.
Now with this hack, TV2x mode works and looks correct without audio skipping. I wonder what it'll do to dosbox....

Dosbox 0.74 built. Seems to work slightly better than old version but still slow, but I suspect it's related to the other problem we found.

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