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-) It contains indeed altivec code and crashes on non-altivec CPUs
-) Colors are not correct
-) Gfx seem sluggish compared to earlier versions.

+) Sound seems better than compared to earlier versions.

I just now see you want to discuss this further on the SDL thread. My bad.
1) Where does it crash on G3 Sonnets? I launched it on WinUAE to the GUI which took about 15 minutes to load
2), 3) I think this is the same issue. For lack of another idea I'm guessing that it is rendering in 32-bit mode and SDL is crushing it down to 16-bit mode. Working on this now.
4) Getenv TZ seems to be hammering the OS. TZSET to blame?
5) Findport Ambient seems to be hammering the OS during file loads, not as big of an issue.
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