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Well here's a new version of Hexen 1 which seems to work much better than the old WarpOS versions, thanks to Arti and Hedeon. No GL version unfortunately as that requires SDL-GL. Assign USR: to a dir where timidity.cfg can be found. Tested with full version but 1.1 version of demo wad should work as well.

It has Timidity support but also should support OGG and MP3 music (untested). OGG and MP3 and to some extent Timidity music all sound terrible in different ways. Probably because the game uses 11025 hz audio by default which the ogg and mp3 music are in 44khz format, so I think 68k AHI is trying to mix it together and just making *ARRGH SMASH, SMASH* on it all. I'll knife around with it some more.
Some variables to play with:
TIMIDITY_CFG=location of timidity.cfg

*2nd EDIT* I converted the music down to 11025hz mono and set AHI to 14-bit 11025hz and music and sound effects sound fine now.
*3rd EDIT* With AHI set to 14-bit 44100hz MP3 and OGG with 44khz soundtrack and Timidity actually sound alright.

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