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Trying to build Mini Metal Slug has some weird problem.
Now maybe this is silly since we can already run Metal Slug 1 in MAME and it plays just fine but, you know for fun.

Config program launches, set my inputs that's fine.
When trying to load the game however I get checksum errors on some of the data files.
gfx/sprdef.bin: Checksum error (calc: 5aec901e, read: c66870fb)
gfx/sprbuf.bin: Checksum error (calc: 62edae0b, read: ff5b245d)
gfx/sprpal.bin: Checksum error (calc: a4beb85e, read: 91cab553)
SprEndCapture(): malloc failed (gpSprFlipBuf)

Just trying to figure out why it crashes when loading the high scores file.

It works. Joystick direction does not work though.
Joystick works if calibrated first, but it crashes and throws a Sonnet exception anywhere between the first and second launches, but on the second or third launch it runs ok at 640x480 with scanlines. Going straight up to Aminet!

Here it is, I used Huno's datafiles, seems to work fine.

*EDIT* Removing download since it's up on Aminet

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