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Something new for people to test. Alpha 1 of Openbor for WOS.

Gamepad or other controls can be configured in the in-game menu.
Paks *might* still work but even with the smallest pak it was taking at least 10 minutes to load, so you'll want to extract them. With extracted paks it launches really pretty quick.

Also you can knife around with videopc.txt in /yourgamename/data/videopc.txt

Launch extracted pack as:
openbor.wos /nameofyourgame/data/

F10 Quits
Alt-Enter Switches Fullscreen
Enter=Start Game
A=Button 1
S=Button 2
D=Button 3
F=Button 4

Borpak.wos extractor:
Usage: borpak.wos [options] <file.PAK>

-d DIR files folder, default is the current
-b build a PAK from the files folder, default is extraction
-l list files without extracting
-p PAT extract only the files which contain PAT in their name

Packing doesn't seem to work.

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