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ISOCD-Win (Windows Alternative to ISOCD)

Whilst working with AmigaJay on the testing of the new AGS2 for his recent unreleased games compilation, I decided it'd be quite useful for me to be able to produce CD32 compatible ISOs with my own .NET compilation builder. By studying the ISO9660 spec, the CD32 developer doc and observing ISOCDs operation, I have been able to come up with some new code that replicates it's core functionality. The app is a bit bare bones for now and just uses the defaults from ISOCD, without a great deal of error checking and such, but it does let you set the trademark file (both have been tested with created ISOs in WinUAE) and volume ID. In the next release I plan to include more of the CDFS options for tweaking and introduce folder prioritisation (like some others use in their layout files for C, startup-sequence etc) and automated blank space addition at the start of the image to improve double speed usage.

For anyone that's interested, the is in my upload folder on the file server. Be nice to see if it works on the real thing. Based on my tests, it should produce byte-exact ISOs to ISOCD, so it shouldn't produce many coasters. Well hopefully not many anyway!
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