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Originally Posted by Supamax View Post
Thanks jonathan !

I see that amiga_cd_7.iso is much smaller than the others. .....
Is it an incomplete upload, jonathan?
Yes, it had problems due to age probably. rigelq made a new rip of it, uploaded right now. Guess it's as good as it gets.

Originally Posted by mai View Post
amiga_cd_1.iso - amiga_cd_5.iso is the same as existing

Amigacd 1 - 1992-06 - 1993-11 - bbs.iso - Amigacd 5 - 1995-04 - 1995-08 - bbs
one of both should be removed, no need for double ISOs.
Thanks for finding out!

and to rigelq - welcome to eab mate! Still remember trying to code a bubble sort in 68k on the miggys in your apartment a looong time ago.

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