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Originally Posted by khph_re View Post
@lord Riton
I thought HAM8 and 256 colour were both 8bit, and therefore exactly the same speed to convert? (you'll have to excuse my ignorance, I don't code).
You don't have to convert anything with 256 colors.
Ham8 does only change one of the 3 rgb components each pixel, keeping the other 2 from the previous left pixel. Therefore you have to choose a simple representation where you altern each rgb component affter each pixel, then you don't have to convert anything also. But that method doesn't look great. A better looking method is to look wich one of the 3 rgb components is furthest away from the real color, and then set this one. But this does only work if you don't draw something else over your picture, because with this method you could have several pixels aligned that do not change one of the rgb component, or even that only alters one, so if you write a pixel in between such a serie of pixels, the pixels affter the one you wrote are altered and probably all get the wrong color. You have to "fix " the pixels with this method what can take a lot of cpu time, depending of the amount of pixels that you have to fix.
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