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Amiga Plus CDs to upload to EAB Server

I recently acquired a collection of Amiga Plus magazine CD-ROMs from eBay to upload to the EAB File Server.

Amiga Plus seems to have been a German magazine published monthly with a coverdisk. Available separately was a companion CD-ROM, published bi-monthly, featuring a selection of the latest software, patches, etc. and a collection of these is what I have here.

The collection is not complete, but comprises 18 issues published between March 1995 and August 1999.

They are packaged in cardboard folders which are much damaged, so are not suitable for uploading as 'covers'. I received a 19th folder as a free gift without the disc.

I have attached a text file describing the content of the March/April 1995 CD-ROM, based on the folder notes. If the structure of this file is okay, I will prepare a similar file for each disc and upload them with the disc images.

Finally, I should mention that, although Amiga Plus was a German language magazine, a significant proportion of the discs' content is in English.

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