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Just a little fun instead of all the config and experimenting and documenting...

This is my main Amithlon system. It is an Intel Core2Duo E8600 @ 4 Ghz on a Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L motherboard.
Here's my desktop:
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I have my Google Drive an Dropbox mounted as well as the two drives I have in my NAS (SMBFS mounted). I'm still tweaking it and will probably save a few things (configs, etc..) and then blow it away and rebuild it from the ground up exactly the way I want it. There was some experimenting and playing around so I'd like to get it setup as clean and free of "tested things" as possible.

And here's Sysinfo v4:
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Not my best run, but it's pretty consistent in this area, dropping to the high 290s and rising to the 320's (vs. Amiga 4000 in dhrystones)

I'm working on setting up E-UAE on it and seeing how well it performs. I'm having a little trouble though, the A1200 config boots the WB 3.1 "Install" .adf but as soon as I try to click on the disk icon it locks up the entire Amithlon system. Not sure why, possibly the folder "HD" setup is causing the issue? I may try creating a hardfile in WinUAE and transferring it over as an already installed HD system to boot.

Anyway..that's my Amithlon.
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