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Thanks Higgy

1. I hope we can use USB joypads, something like the PS4 controller or something cheap like a Buffalo SNES style joypad would be perfect.

2. Quoting Valentin himself, this worries me a bit:

"Regarding your suggestion Higgy: I'm afraid it isn't as simple as that. You see, Minimig (as ported to FleaFPGA Ohm) is really only capable of what is intended to resemble 576p (or 576i when Amber is bypassed) screenmode via the video out. It does not upscale nor convert to any other mode (very difficult for me, given my very limited knowledge of the Amiga platform). This limits your display options to TV screens only (I don't know of any dedicated PC monitors that support 576p..). Worse still, minimig core video is clocked at 28MHz, not 27MHz as required for 576p, so some modern digital TVs may 'choke' on the signal while others may not.."

It is too tech for me to understand, but it seems that not all TVs will work. I'd love to be corrected
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