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network performance tests


I'd like to know the network performance of your setups! The tool(s) to use would be NetIO, which is a standard in the networked world. You start the tool on two computers in your home network and have them transfer data packets between each other. The results are printed in a few lines of text like this:

NETIO - Network Throughput Benchmark, Version 1.32
(C) 1997-2012 Kai Uwe Rommel

TCP connection established.
Packet size  1k bytes:  1019.50 KByte/s Tx,  1023.35 KByte/s Rx.
Packet size  2k bytes:  1051.95 KByte/s Tx,  1036.57 KByte/s Rx.
Packet size  4k bytes:  1048.03 KByte/s Tx,  1026.24 KByte/s Rx.
Packet size  8k bytes:  1063.83 KByte/s Tx,  1029.55 KByte/s Rx.
Packet size 16k bytes:  1058.40 KByte/s Tx,  1026.92 KByte/s Rx.
Packet size 32k bytes:  1045.30 KByte/s Tx,  1010.55 KByte/s Rx.
Please include the type of your system (Amiga, CPU, MHz), the networking card and the stack (plus any tweaks, if any) that you've used. In the case above, it would be:

1. System: A4000/CSPPC 68060RC60
2. card: X-Surf 1, driver version V1.4
3. stack: Genesis (taken from OS3.9) with AmiTCP_PacketFix (Aminet)
4. tweaks: TCP_SendSpace = 16384 and TCP_RecvSpace = 16384

What I am particularly interested in is the performance of PCI-Ethernet solutions such as Mediator, G-Rex and Prometheus, but also PCMCIA ethernet solutions on A1200 and A600.

You can find the Amiga-port of NetIO here:

And other versions for pretty much any OS can be downloaded here:

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