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Hello guys, i'm trying to manage a connection via my desktop a1200 to my pc using a serial cable connection. The cable works ok, as it transfers files via amiga explorer perfectly.
I want to connect to the pc, and then being able to connect to the internet for irc and telnet stuff. I have termite tcp on the amiga side, but on the pc side i'm really lost on how to do. Some says that a wingate is needed, but ii can't understand how to make it to point to the cable connection. On amiga explorer you just run the program and it's ok, but for inet i think i would need a special device showed in network settings or such. Any ideas?
Thanks in advance!!!!!!
Hi, I am trying to connect my pc and amiga 600. Do you just use a standard Null Modem serial cable from a shop?

I will be using amiga explorer. .

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