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Actually, if you read the comments, there is a lot of information, especially this post:

Creator Philippe Lang on May 5
@Colin James,
Our last update was published 15 days ago as you already know.
We're currently waiting to get our hands on T2 prototype in around 10 days or so.
(T2 is handcrafted proto from 3D model used in process to manufacture molds).
When this last step is done we'll have a go for molds tooling & cases manufacturing.
As said T1 had an issue I personally wanted to be fixed hence this extra delay seemed necessary. Very sorry for that.
This is a one shot tolling and better be right the first time.
Once molds are made some minor issues could still be fixed but on a lesser scale and these operations would be costly.
You're all guys are going to see photos of T2 as she's mother of all your new cases!
(T2 has nothing to do with Arnold)
Molds are not going to be sold on ebay and i can't imagine P&P for around 6 tons of steel molds!
Storage has been arranged upon next production batch.
Please all of you guys hang tight as where approaching moments all of you (and us!) were waiting for.
Next update to be published with photos right after T2 is available.
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