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I used gcc on cygwin (Win32 unix layer) which usually behaves almost exactly like Linux gcc. I could reveal some of your errors by using gcc -pedantic. I now know what you mean: ISO C90! I must not use any declaration after a statement. Thanks. I've fixed this - should compile fine now.

About CPP: Tell that to the others too. I found zillions of source code with cpp extension but not even 'cout' used inside.

About why no Javascript/PHP: Sir, I want a standalone application! Why do I want to program server-side when I require a server for it? *That* is overkill, to require a web server running for PHP or a HTML page as a container to run (client-side, mind you!) JavaScript!

About the number of lines: I do like a good user interface!! And also I like to tell what the program does instead of people having to look for extra readme files...
That's what takes most of it, not the calculation!
It's not me who caused all that problems with echoing characters, etc! getch() works so well on MSDOS, but is incompatible. And getchar() just lets me run off but not stop while waiting for input. User I/O is really a major annoyance in C, if you want to write *portable* code. Well as in FAQs, you get told to use system interrupts (!) for requesting user input without pressing RETURN, this is tough stuff.
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