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These are just examples of the many custom dungeons that are available in the wild.

In theory it's as easy as copying a single file : take dungeon.dat out of the disk, then use it as regular dungeon. If you take files out of these .ST disks, you should see many identical files from one dungeon to another (normally everything apart the dungeon, but who knows - i haven't checked).

But be awared that you use these at your own risks. They often do dirty things that may misbehave, lock the game up, or even crash. For example, putting a door descriptor item on a cell that's not a door. Or linking same object in several places. This is due to the fact the dungeon format was poorly known by the time they were made, so if they didn't get a fix since, well, you know what to expect. Sometimes authors even wanted to be smart asses and used "undocumented behaviors" that will of course fail miserably on other game versions...
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