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Here it is, it is compiled as a cli-executable.

And this is the sourcecode for it:

Screen Open 0,320,240,16,Lowres
Flash Off : Curs Off 
Pen 0 : Paper 1
Palette $F00,$F
X=0 : Y=0



   If Z=-1 and Y=0 : Rem test if Joystick button is pressed and make sure it is pressed only once 
      If X=0
         Rem Cls 1
         Palette $F,$F00
      Else If X=1
         Rem Cls 2
         Palette $F00,$F
      End If 
      Y=1 : X=(X+1) mod 2
   End If 

   If Z=0 : Rem Fire-Button is released, Allow the usage of the fire button
   End If 
Until Inkey$=" " : Rem Space key ends the program
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