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Eek AmigaXL install error (tar exit code)

ok this drive me crazy already!!!!

for the past 3 days I've trying to install AmigaXL from QNX, that runs in VMware under Win7.

First I have downloaded QNX 6.4. and there was no Installer app there. So I managed to get QNX 6.1. Then I mounted AmigaXL CD, opened Installer, added a AmigaXL repository, checjed that I need to install AmigaXL package, then I hit isstall button and I get this damn message, that says "tar exit code=2"...

Ok, then via Installer I check User Repository, checked the "AmigaOS XL x86", hit "activate" button...

Then Amiga XL appeared under Utilities menu in the Launch button. I hit it and nothing happens!!!

I believe this tar exit code is the one to blame..

Please give me some hints how to solve this unsolvable thing!!!
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