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Well myself and a mate tried both LAN and null modem thru serial ports so that we could try out Lotus 2.

Unfortunately the game goes out of sync with each of the computers so that what is happening on one computer is different to what is happening on the other. Key strokes are still transmitted accurately between each computer, but while you might be driving your car quite well on your side, the other computer will have you crashing into the signs on the side of the track cause your car is at a totally different part of the track. For instance, you can turn left on your computer because the track veers left, and your left turn keystroke will be sent to the other computer, but because you are somewhere else on the track, on the other computer, the other player will see you turn left and plow into the side of the road.

I just wish someone would release a decent netplay feature for WinUAE.
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