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Question 320x200 games in 4:3-format or letterboxed?

These games all draw only 320x200 pixels in-game:

Ambermoon&Amberstar, Another World, Bubble Bobble&Rainbow Islands&Parasol Stars, Cadaver, Centurion, Chuck Rock, It Came from the Desert, D/Generation, Defender of the Crown, Dogs of War, Dungeon Master, Eye of the Beholder I&II, F/A-18 Interceptor, Falcon (and almost any other flightsim), Fire Force, Frontier: Elite II, Giana Sisters, Gods, Golden Axe, Harlequin, Hunter, HeroQuest II, IK+, Jaguar XJ220, James Pond I&II, Lamborghini American Challenge/Crazy Cars III), Last Ninja Remix, Leander, Legend, Lemmings I&II, Lotus I-III, Lost Patrol, Lost Vikings, Moonstone, MYTH, Navy Seals, North & South, Nuclear War, P.P. Hammer, Panza Kickboxing, PGA Tour Golf, Pirates!, Populous I&II, Powermonger, Prince of Persia, Pushover, Qwak, Robocop 1&3, Speedball 2, Shadow of the Beast I-III, Silkworm, Starglider II, Stunt Car Racer, SuperCars I, Targhan, Test Drive I&II, The Chaos Engine, Uridium II, Vroom, Wings, Wings of Fury, Wrath of the Demon, Xenon I&II, Zeewolf

With square pixels that means they're in 16:10-format.
But on NTSC-displays 320x200-games were stretched into 4:3-format (with non-square pixels).
Most Amiga-users were Europeans though with PAL displays meaning they got to play all of these games with square pixels letterboxed (or with 1 huge black border at the bottom), didn't they? ("they" = "we" in most cases )

Now which format were these games really intended to be played at? 4:3?
So the majority of Amiga users always played the above games in the wrong format (since most didn't bother to switch their 1084-monitor into NTSC mode or just played on PAL TVs)?

Or are there differences - were some 320x200-games supposed to be stretched to fill a 4:3-screen while others where intended to be played with black borders on a 4:3-screen?

Having some of the above games vertically stretched to fill a 4:3-screen just wouldn't feel right in my opinion...
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