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Bionic Commando on the C64! The music was composed by Tim & Geoff Follin and was absolutely A-M-A-Z-I-N-G for the time. However, the game was rushed and was such a dog to play. Poor sprites, bad scrolling and washy colours.

This game was ported to the Amiga with better scrolling, but the graphics were rubbish. The music was terrible too. Hey, what happened to the Follin bros?

IMHO this was a travesty. A cool arcade game was butchered during the conversion on both formats. The Amiga version should have been near-arcade perfect as the hardware could handle this game easily.

I would love to hear remixes of all the original C64 tunes done on real musical instruments.

The only way to enjoy this 80s classic is to source the arcade ROM and play it under MAME.
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