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Originally Posted by mrodfr View Post

from an old thread of me a bout OWB (on amigaworld).


I have replaced ixemul and ixnet 48.2 with 48.0 and 194x SDL work !!!


-ixemul.library: version 48.0
-ixnet.library: version 48.0
NO usergroup.library
-sdl.library: version 12.6
NO socket.library
NO Cybergraphx.library here.

P96 standard with rtg.library 40.3994.

Hi, and thanks - well, I'm not sure I'm fully clear on what that means, but I have later ixemul librarys here.

Are those versions readily available, if so I'll happily give them a try, although given my lack of knowledge, I don't want to modify my system too much for a single program, without at least some feedback from the author.

For example "Is there a known P96 issue?"

I still seem to get further using the unmodified files.ini from Aminet than with any edited version.
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