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Originally Posted by kolla View Post
Any planned new features for icon.library?
Atm, I'm trying to reduce the memory consumption of OS 3.5 icons and NewIcons by around 10 % by killing the unused old planar images and replacing them with the internal 4-color icons or only dots if ChipMem is used for blitting. The replacements always point to the same images and thus need no memory allocations. I'm still working on some special problems now, like IconEdit, which seems to read some information directly from the file and causes conflicts with the replaced images from icon.library. It even overrides the replacements. Maybe I have to restrict this new feature to Workbench task.

There is already IconUpScale and IconDownScale, some option to only scale in X or Y direction could be useful to stretch icons on non 1:1 displays (typically non-laced PAL or NTCS HiRes modes)
I could make an X stretching of 50 % possible by inserting a mixed pixel between every pair of pixels or 100 % by adding a new one between all original pixels. I won't recommend the low quality downscaling of the hight. What would you prefer ?

Old planar icons, MWB and NewIcons would never get scaled by my icon.library. It looks like 50 % stretching could be enough or the images would appear very large. But please remember that my scaling functions are not made for permanent use. You have to call them once, save the scaled icons and then disable the scaling again. This is no good solution if you need to switch screenmodes very often. Scaling or stretching permanently and not changing the images on saving the icon is not planned, because that's too complicated. I would have to read the source icon and decode the original images completely again to be able to save only other changes. Not with me ...

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