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Originally Posted by PeterK View Post
Unfortunately, you didn't give me much information about your system yet. Ok, you're running BetterWB (OS 3.1) on a 68020+ with P96/CGX and a graphics card.

There are two choices to get rid of the icon frames. Either you can install workbench.library 44+ (ie. from BB4) in a similar way as iconlib, which also brings some other benefits, or you could check out my IconDemoA1200 floppy image with WB 3.1 from the 1. post here and compare the setup.

I regret, but TrueColor icons are always reduced to max 255 colors and simple transparency by my icon.library. If you need more then please install AfA_OS or Scalos. But that's a different class than BetterWB.

PS. If your screen is really TrueColor, why is the screen size just PAL Overscan ?? Strange GFX card ...
Hey Peter..

First off thanks for your fast answers..
I just used a weird resolution for the screen. I am new to Amiga OS "fine tuning", since I am usually just using 1.3 for my asm stuff.

I am fine with 256 colors. Was just wondering if that was intended or not..

I will check out that workbench.library, and see if I can get it to run...
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