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Oh, hello again Arnie - I didn't notice you there until I had posted.
Well , to answer your questions...
I did buy the Easy ADF & the PCMCIA Adapter from Amigakit.
And once I had run the program on the ADAPCMCFL disk , everything seems to be installed correctly and everything is working as it should.

As I said before, I was a bit worried at first because I couldn't find the program where I expected it to be.
And that's because I thought that it would go into my SYSTEM volume.
But after looking all over , I eventually found it in my WORK volume.
Is there something wrong with that ? (should it be in SYSTEM)

And when I click on the EasyADF icon , the program opens up and displays
quite normally.
The only problem being, of course, is the Message that pops up saying that the disk in CF0: is not a DOS Disk.

Well , actually that does not surprise me really, because a plain ordinary CF disk is not a DOS disk... I would have to agree with that.
I mean , wouldn't you have to prepare a CF disk to recognised by an Amiga ?
I get the feeling that you would have to Format it, or configure it somehow, or try to install something on it to make it into an AmigaDOS disk ?

The cf disk is a 4GB San Disk (it works fine in my PC)
Do I boot from EasyADF ? - Well no, not directly... after getting to my workbench screen I have to go into WORK , and find the EasyADF icon in there... and then I click on it to get it going.
Is the card formatted Fat32 ? - I don't know. I didn't format it or anything.
I'm just using it as it came out of the box ... or out of it's plastic bag, I should say.
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