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Originally Posted by _ThEcRoW View Post
When is the green screen appearing?. On reboot or after the execution of the game?.
I'm asking because green screen are chip ram problems. Hope this is not the case.
Well, I press F3 for the lems demo. Goes to workbench prompt, then back to the menu, the I get that stripey fx splash thing. Then to a green screen, the time it works, the green screen is usually on for about 10 seconds - with the disk drive clucking like a chicken.
I only have 512k ... even though I've got this 2MB ram upgrade (the one from amigakit) but I only just found out it's FS(2 more letters here can't remember the name i'm so bad on the techy side ) instead of PAL ram. It's still in there now so I guess I've still only got 512k of ram.
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