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Originally Posted by MarkYoungIW View Post
Didnt realise this would kick up such a debate on the way things are stored!!

All I was trying to do was to make sure that the Archimedes community took the same active stance that the Amiga community have!!

Once I have decided what kit I will use for dumping, will sucessful dumps be added to the Games list on the SPS site? Only I notice at the moment, nothing other than Amiga stuff is listed.
dont worry mark, you are not being ignored, just blame alex, we do

what happens is we receive the dumps, we then analyse them, and create an IPF from them providing they are in good condition, that is to say no errors or modifications (like high scrore saves etc)

now, becuase of this many dumps dont make the grade and so an ipf isnt released until a good one does turn up. but when it does, alll contributors get the IPF back, not just the contributor of the good one.


Originally Posted by alexh View Post
I'm not complaining, I am nagging

Is that true? I thought that the data was not fixed and depending on the contents of the IPF and previous disk commands the lib produced different results for identical accesses? (Simple answer, bare in mind this area is not something I know much about).
kinda, there is one instance right now where getting weak data (that that is different each time you read it) is rather clunky, but that will be improved in a later lib release, hopefully the next one, which is a major release.

but yes, the lib is DESIGNED to allow you to extract any and all data for whatever use you want. i.e you can read an IPF and use a disk dumping tool forexample to create and ADF, or EDSK etc, providing your target format supports the data.

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