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I think the minimig is great but only really for 'tinkerers' at the mo'.

A1200 + CF Adapter(s) + '30 accelerator + 8mb + WHDLoad would probably be an ideal minimum for easy games playing + software transfer...
...also not so cheap! (you already have?)

Another option could be a CD32.
There are some nice compilations about that should work on the base hardware so you wouldn't be looking @ lots of money. The 'trick' is to make sure you use very good quality media (there are threads on the EAB) as the CD32's laser can be a bit picky. (also upgradeable)
My CD32 gets much more use than either of my A1200s - one of which is prodigiously upgraded...

At the risk of once again bringing up a long-running debate.
There are so many advantages and unless you're seriously into your retro-hardware (some of us are ) it's hard to think of a down side.
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