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@drHirudo yes you're totally right. I already wrote some 6502 to C automatic translator. Z80 is of course doable to C or asm.

The advantage with asm to asm translation is that you can most of the time reuse flags like Z, N, V ... without testing them like you'd have to do in C (I coded Amoric, 1MHz 6502 oric emu on amiga with asm, overflow/negative/zero flags were the same, and when I wanted to do the same job in C, I had to copy some code to handle the flags, not so obvious).

When I said 68030 (25Mhz) I maybe was a bit presomptuous. At least I could reach 100% speed with that CPU. Maybe emulation code could have been sped up even more (but I already had help from someone to increase speed by 200%...). Also 6502 is maybe more powerful than Z80 (but slower freq).

The problem is that the machine has to take care of the CPU but also the video & sound (and other circuitry). So everyone is basically saying the same thing:

CPU is not an issue, but we'd have to extract the functional code and write specifics for Amiga.

If McGeezer can code drivers / adapt MAME for PacMan and other games specially for Amiga so it runs at 60Hz that would also rock
But MAME is really complex, specially newer versions. It would be easier to adapt a pre-2000 version/hack the already ported Amiga version.

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