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Originally Posted by nobody View Post
The fastest Spectrum emulator I tried on A500 was running about 50% of real speed with ACA500+ 68000 @21 mhz. As per my calculations you would need a 68020@28 mhz for 100% speed. Talking about 48k only emulation.
You'll need more than that if you want to do any kind of the mid-scanline colour changes that the Spectrum was capable of. A generally naive (and incompatible with quite a surprising amount of software) emulator would update the screen at the end of each frame, dumping screen memory to a surface. For this, an accelerated 68020 is fine.

But any graphical tricks requires quite a lot more CPU. Under windows, truly accurate emulation of the Spectrum requires at least 350Mhz, under DOS you can get it done at around 200MHz.
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