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Brilliant Alone in the Dark was a great game and would of been brilliant to have on the CD32 back then.

Originally Posted by Retro1234 View Post
Ok Akiko support maybe try

and with TF330 probably need as-well

I've also sent a Email to Christian Bauer asking about a Akiko Graphics driver.
PatchChunky might work with AGA-EVD it's supposed to work with system friendly stuff but I only found one reference to it's use with ShapeShifter.

Maybe if it's possible to run a Batch script in the background without it impacting on performance make the Play button switch between JoyMouse and MacKey

Run or Runback ShapeShifter

Copy Execute,Wait, JoyPress and Batch Ram:

Ram:Execute Ram:Batch

CD Ram:

If JoyPress Play
JoyMouse Off
Goto start of script.

I've done something similar with some ADos friendly stuff.

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