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On interrupts, does anyone know what the minimum interrupt latency is for a chipmemory only A1200/68020? On the A500/68000 it's around 44 cycles and I was wondering what the figure is for the A1200/68020.

(What I mean by latency here is the minimum time between an interrupt trigger and the start of the actual interrupt handler - not the time for running a minimal handler and properly returning from it).

I've often wondered if the A1200 might do better with a blitter queue than the A500 and the above is part of that puzzle.

Tried several forms of them on the A500 and the only one that ever was worth the effort was running clear blits on a Dual Playfield screen. That actually gained me a performance benefit. Standard queues though (whether the queue merely copied over data into the Blitter registers or actually set up the blits), not so much. Never seemed to be faster - though they were very convenient to use once I had them set up.
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