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What the f...?

I ordered a new Amiga game from Spain called "Cuba 1898". When I wrote in the subject line at Paypal: 'Cuba 1898 Boxed (Amiga 4ever!)', That was a thorn in the side of the US Federal Government! Message in my Paypal account:

"Access to your account has been temporarily restricted.
You may be buying or selling goods or services that are regulated or prohibited by the US Government.

That's why we want to learn more about your business and your recent transactions.

You must take action on your account. Some features in your account will be restricted until you've taken action on your account. You'll get access to these features again once you complete them. "

Have written two times, what is it about! No Answer!

Since when is Spain in Central or South America? Apart from that, you would then ban a lot of games! Absolutely ridiculous, the whole thing!
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