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Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
mai; I'd love you to explain this comment further... what do you mean exactly?
This is the right question!
I try to make long story short.

Originally Posted by mai View Post
Meanwhile i think its an unwritten rule in this forum to not to create such version, because there is a contract between a specific person, and some members, who would have the knowlwedge to create such version!

I was just kidding, but there is a story behind:
There is a specific person in this forum (known as good coder/cracker), maybe he gives himself to recognize later.
My original request is more tan 10 years old. I had some chat with this person via private messages.
He told me that he has already created a 4-Disk version with some space for a trainer, but at that time he has not made a proper trainer, so no release until now.
Years ago friendship is broken for various reasons, so cant ask him again.

Meanwhile some potential coders/crackers have joined, so
i thought its time to request again in public forum to prevent to wait another 10 years!
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