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Originally Posted by ross View Post
I've no idea if is a know fact for WotD.
There is a PAL check in boot routine but with wrong parameter passed on main code (a stupid mistake on D0 saving).
EDIT: confirmed, the received value is never right, not even by chance, on PAL machines

This makes the intro tune sound at wrong tempo!
Maybe you are used to it, but probably unintentionally it has always been heard in the wrong way.
Please, test the Disk1 eADF in the Zone! that i've uploaded.

What do you think?
Wow big difference; and with your fix it's much better

...this intro tune always reminded me of Shadow Of The Beast; funny that considering it's by the same musician i.e. David Whittaker

BTW; I've also given this topic it's own thread and so moved all posts out of the Cracked games missing stuff... one.

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