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Originally Posted by mai View Post expected, another refusal.
Nah.. simply you have to wait a slowdown of the earth's rotation on its axis.
In that case I would definitely have time for WotD.


In any case, I quickly looked at the code. A bit disorganized but simple enough to follow.
There is no table of files, but the load takes place in free positions on the tracks (there is a subdivision into four macro-sectors/track, used however exclusively in order to not slow down loading).
This is even worse for standard ADF loader that normally use sectors as base division (can have some loss of usable space every end of 'virtual' file).
Anyway fortunately I can adapt my 'free position' loader. It would only be really annoying to manually calculate all the positions (in 4 disks ..) because of lack of the aforementioned table.
Another problem is memory. The game uses completely the base 512KB. So embedding the new code could be complicated (an offline patch can be excluded).

Originally Posted by Methanoid View Post
No idea where you got that idea from. Comes across as rather rude IMHO
You right, but I have no desire for controversy so I let it go
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