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Originally Posted by Glen M View Post
If your just running a lan why not just pickup a cheap 100mbit switch and wire it locally and off the Internet.

Or if you need it online the way I've done it at home is to have a separate network from the router in the house. All my retro stuff is on its own network in the cave that hangs off the main network in the house. 2 layers of security with that setup so should be safer.

I think you know most of my builds with the ongoing 386 build over on youtube. I have a 286 coming in the post (can't wait to get it) plus there are 2 pentium 2 rigs, a pentium 3 and a pentium 4 in bits waiting to be built. Want to get some amd stuff though. Would love to find a k6-2 or 3.
I did notice a Motherboard Sat on top of a Shelf on your Last Video was that the P3. Would like to have it both on and Offline as there was Discussion Previously of Online LAN Parties if you yourself are interested? Duke 3d, Quake, Doom etc :-)

Can't wait to see all the Projects come to Life

Just got a Asus K8V out of the Salvage yard with Athlon 64 2800+ Cpu

Ati All in Wonder 9800 128MB Agp Card

512MB Ram

NIC Card and 100MBPS Wifi Card.

Next Potential 98SE Build or Better suited to XP ya think?
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