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Originally Posted by 005AGIMA View Post
Correct. These were i5's as mentioned in the post.
Corporate PC's are usually swapped out as soon as machines are out of warranty (4 years) and that's where most of these kinds of stashes come from.

The auction houses dont want the hassle of selling each item so they go by the pallet load unless specifically instructed by the seller.

Absolutely. The auction house I was looking at is reputable and are the primary go to here in Perth from everything as small as a PC, to fleets of cars. All items are tested and described. But yes it'd also check them out where possible in person.

The lot i was watching, they even detailed how many had 2, 4, or 8MB ram, and the HDD sizes.

So for example.... lot of 65 units. 25 with 250GB HDD, and 40 with 500GB HDD.

Ahhhh I purchased my Chrysler 300C v8 Hemi from there a few years back. God I miss that car.
As Long as you know they are Safe you will be all good to go then Buddy :-)
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