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Originally Posted by 005AGIMA View Post
Great thread.

I've just been getting into DOSBOX to be honest, and now have Duke 3D and DOOM up and running. Also re-installed Unreal Tournament 2004 and resurrected my home made custom maps for that and Duke.

Re projects though.....

Pentium II
My old Pentium II is still at my parents place in the UK, so I'll be taking a look at that in december with a view to resurrecting it and possibly shipping it back to Australia.

From memory it was duel booting Win98 and WinNT when I left it ~17 years ago.

An evil plan I've been tinkering with is grabbing a pallet of used office PC's from auction, cleaning them up, and flipping them at a fair price.

3 pallets went up recently but I missed the auction as I just wanted to see what they sold for, but generally they sell cheap, and the same machines (HP i5's) were going for around $250 (AUD) on ebay at the time. Depending on what you get the pallet for, there's a potential for ~$200 profit per box without ripping anyone off.

The thing that makes me weary though is all the hassle of becoming an e-bay seller. Plus with those numbers, it's clearly a "business" so tax implications and I'd have to declare second income at work, and where I work, that has to go through approvals......unless I up-skill the wife to do it.
That's an option.

Do make it work of course you first need:

1) Around $3500 to gamble on a pallet of dusty old PC's that may or may not be missing bits

2) The space to store them

3) the time and knowledge to work on them to make a fair and honest sale

4)Space to store them

5) Patience. They're not all going to sell in 1 week...or a month.....or maybe even a year, and the value will be going down every day they sit.

So while it's possibly good money, I wouldn't call it fast money.
While Pallet Loads are a good Option just be Very Careful where you go for this as a Friend of mine has done it and Stupidly only Checked the Outer Skin of Pcs which were all 2ND Gen i5 Prebuilds, The inner Stock was Mainly Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Quad. He Lost a Buck load but that like I say was down to his Stupidity of not Checking it at all. Excitement took over I think
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